Hiking Mt.Etna - walk 2


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Hiking Mt.Etna - walk 2: Hiking Mt.Etna - walk 2.

From mt. "pomiciaro" to mt. "zoccolaro":  going up the road from zafferana to the "sapienza" hut on the etna south side, about 6 km from the town you find your sign to turn right and reach "Cassone - mt. Pomiciaro". You will drive about 7km through a fruit growing district  to get at the viewpoint over the calanna valley and on a clear day is possible to see the coast of Calabria.  From here you will start your excursion in the Etna park walking for about 50 min to admire breathtaking views of the Bove valley; this walk is very interesting because it takes you to see the most important sites of the thousands of years of evolution of the volcano and also you will be able to look at the summit craters from a very different and safe point of view. There are no particular difficulties along this route and the only advice is not to wander off the pathway cause of dangerous precipices that drop down into the Giumenta canyon. At the end of the climb you will find a cross and in front of the amazing landscape of the Bove valley with a number of lava flows and sometimes, if you are lucky, a flying golden eagle! enjoy it responsibly !!

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